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I'mm-a back!

I was back last night, really, but much-a too tired to turn on the computer. It was a relaxing trip, I had fun. Luigi is-a doing just fine, so don't anyone worry okay?

Looks-a like the dance was eventful, too bad I had to miss it. Er.. though it could have been a good thing.

I hope this place won't get too messy without-a my brother around..

((fff Nanomango is like taking up all my free time. I'll do my best to be mostly active guys!))

Mamma Mia...

Well-a... this weekend sure was eventful!

Okay, so-a maybe only friday was eventful, and the rest a' the weekend involved sticking by people in hospital beds.

*sigh* I'mma just glad everyone is-a okay. I-a... I think I should apologize for my brother as-a well. Apologize for not taking more responsibility really.

Peachy! I'mma so SO sorry things had to end up like-y that! I feel so bad for even having to-a lay a hand on you!

I hope it isn't-a too much to ask, but I really hope all of you can forgive a-Luigi! I feel this was kinda my responsibility as well, even I'mma bad bro sometimes. He needed help and I-a wasn't always there for him to notice that. But I-a know Luigi more than anyone, and he is really a good guy! The things that he-a did... he wasn't even himself anymore. I know this for-a sure! We've-a been through a lot together, and-a I'm not gonna give up this goof yet! I'mma gonna be gone for a week or-a so while we help him recoveir.

All my friends, you know who you are, let's-a not let this sour good relationships, okee dokee? Everyone else too! We'll-a find a way to make it up to you guys, I'm sure.

Undeir everyone's hats, that's-a where they are!

I need to rush off in a hurry PEASLEY I SAW-A LUIGI. PLEASE MEET ME this-a is bad I can-a just tell

Not a lot to write about lately. Then again I'm a guy of not-a many words.

Lotsa people calling me out lately! Hey Rawk Hawk! I'mma MORE than game for this-a Glitz Pit business. Just-a don't expect anything different than a repeat of last time~

Went to the race track with-a Luigi recently. It-a was fun! Except this one guy with-a real big temper, what a poor sport! Luigi managed to win-a the race, but you better not let it get to your head!

FINALY! Papa wouldn't let-a me go until the project was finished, it turns out. Nothing big, just-a some project he wanted me to-a .... a neviermind. Not important anyhow.

How's-a everyone doing? Miss-a me? Hopefully catching up-a on things I've missed won't-a be too hard...

... By the way where's-a Luigi?


I'm pretty sure basic rules are obvious. Seniors and drinking age students only, if younger students wanna try to sneak in go right ahead~ but be careful! Have fun~

if you're not all too busy with the crack thread, lol XD

Jul. 4th, 2008

Hey-a Luigi!

Congratulations on your match! You really did well this time, I-a mean it. They grow up so fast~ I was a bit worried since you had ben sick so longy... you sure you're-a in full health, right? I don't mean to be around so little sometimes. You seem-a gone more often too. Where's-a my spaghetti?

I didn't sign up for the spars, I figured it'd be funner to see how-a my brother does. Worked out for-a the best too, I had a bit of work to catch up on anyway, school-related and not.

Earlier this week I had a nice outing with Peachy! Ah~ It-a was most enjoyable. Mario, stop being so nervous and be more direct with her some time! Girls are so much more scary than a hundred koopas! It's-a too bad I couldn't go to the royal party... not being-a royalty myself. I do love your tea~

Speaking of-a outings! I hope everyone's-a ready for that night out! I know I am, hohoo!

((OOC: SENIOR/OLDER STUDENT DRINKING NIGHT WILL BE ON TEGAKI SATURDAY NIGHT. It just seems like a good time and well, I just wanna get it done. Not sure weather to use tegaki E or J yet.
Seniors and students of-age ONLY! Unless specified previously.))

I keep-a forgetting how much I need my brother around! As much as I like Kawasaki's cooking, Luigi's pasta is-a the best! And-a my laundry was piling up... I'mma probably gonna get nagged at for that. The red-green ratio in the dorm has-a been very off!

By the way, how are mamma and pops a-doing these days? I feel bad for leaving things all to them while-a we're at school! I really should-a visit more.

Oh! Righty! I just-a remembeired. Since it'sa me last year here, I wanted to have a bit of a party with-a all you guys! I promise it'sa not THAT kind of Mario Party this-a time, I swear! (Some of you have-a complained about those... Well atleast I thinky they're fun!)

Anyway, I was-a thinking some of-a us oldeir students can-a get together in the bar sometime for some good fun! What-a do ya say?

Jun. 13th, 2008

It's -a great to see so many of my old friends this year! Geno, Mallow, Peasley, Goombella, Goombario; Too bad I'm graduating eventually, huh? Maybe I'll-a stick around for as long as I can anyway!

I worry about Peachy being a student here.. especially with some of the teachers! I'm-a sure she can take care of herself but... Ahh mama mia, I shouldn't worry too much.

But speaking of my friends, do any of you wanna get together for some training? Imma out of practice when it comes to actual fighting. Having to learn stuff all oveir again everytime an adventure happens is annoying. Toadsworth makes fun of me like I don't-a remember how to jump!